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Student, PhD, Scientists Visa

Elmaliah Law firm Student PhD Scientists Visa

Student Visa

The A-1 Student Visa is issued to those who want to study in Israel at an academic institution, in a yeshiva, in a primary or elementary school or in an institution of the Jewish Agency. It is issued for up to one year and valid for unlimited entries and exits from Israel. An A-1 student visa does not permit working in Israel.


Important: A minor cannot apply for a visa without consent of both parents or the legal guardian.


The following documents are required:

  • Filled in application form.

  • Two passport photos (5×5 cm)

  • Letter of acceptance of a recognised academic institution.

  • Proof, that the applicant has enough resources to provide for him- or herself during the studies

  • A travel document which is valid for at least one more year, if there is a diplomatic mission of the state of Israel in the country of origin. If there is no such diplomatic mission in the state of origin the document needs to be valid for the time of the pursued studies and an additional six months.

Important: The consulate might request additional documents. The visa must be applied for before the beginning of the requested time frame. Students, who enter Israel with a tourist visa cannot change that visa to a student visa in Israel later on.

Visa for Scientists

Foreign scientists must apply for a B-1 working visa. Prerequisite for such a visa is a master’s degree and the wish to work at a recognized academic institution in Israel. The foreign scientist needs a recommendation letter from the university at which he or she wants to pursue his or her research.


There are four different stages of the procedure to receive said visa:

  1. Submitting the request with an explanation of the necessity of the research the scientist wants to pursue.

  2. Submitting the request at the relevant local branch of the interior ministry, which will get in touch with the Israeli consulate in the country of origin of the applicant.

  3. Thereupon a temporary B-1 working visa will be issued by the Israeli consulate in the country of origin of the applicant for the purpose of entering Israel.

  4. After entering Israel a long term working visa will be issued for the duration of the planned research. The visa will either be issued already at the airport when entering Israel or later at the relevant local branch of the interior ministry.


Please note:

  • Close family members of the foreign scientist can also be entitled to receive a visa to accompany the scientist.

  • There will be some fees for the procedure to be paid to the authorities.

  • There is no requirement for a certain amount of income which the salary of the foreign scientist needs to exceed.

  • The applicant needs to have health insurance.

  • The visa can be extended for up to 63 months.

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