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Litigation and Debt Collection

Commercial Litigation
Real Estate Disputes
Inheritance Disputes

Our firm is proud of its busy litigation practice under the management of Ron Ozery, one of Israel’s leading litigators. The focus of the firm is on commercial cross-border litigation, where we usually represent foreign clients against an Israeli counterpart. Therefore, we are well acquainted with the particularities and difficulties of a foreign client facing a domestic adversary in Israeli courts.

Not only do we usually write and speak your domestic language, but we are also well aware of the implications and costs of legal proceedings exceeding the borders of your home jurisdiction. Therefore, in the first phase of preparation, an emphasis is put on a realistic assessment of exposure and costs. Before entering legal proceedings, you will be well prepared with all the necessary information to facilitate your decisions and to prepare the necessary evidence to fight your case.

1. Commercial Litigation

Usually, commercial litigation involves money and technical issues. Our firm has 20 years of experience in representing foreign commercial clients in Israeli courts. In addition to being knowledgeable and resourceful about our Israeli jurisdiction, we will also be familiar with your home jurisdiction, so we can provide you with all the necessary explanations that you, as well as your company's directors or legal department members at home, can understand easily.

In addition to our extensive experience in commercial litigation, our litigation partner, Ron Ozery, having worked as an engineer before becoming a lawyer, will understand all technical matters of your claim and will be able to explain them to the court in an effective manner. He will prepare your witnesses for their hearing professionally and competently and cross-examine even technical specialists of the opposed party very effectively.

2. Real Estate Disputes


Our firm represents foreign clients in Israeli real estate disputes. The tax implications of real estate transactions can be significant, especially if the client is domiciled abroad. Our firm's tax department has extensive knowledge of various tax jurisdictions, including those in Europe. As a result, we are able to address any relevant questions from the outset. This ensures that our clients are well aware of all the implications of their actions in Israel and in their home country.

3. Inheritance Disputes


Reasonable estate planning can typically prevent inheritance disputes. However, when it is too late for that, inheritance litigation is one of the most personal and most fiercely litigated matters. Foreign clients are often hesitant to fight for their inheritance rights in Israel due to the high costs and complexity involved. Moreover, many clients underestimate the value of their Israeli assets.

To help clients make an informed decision, we conduct a thorough pre-evaluation that includes providing an approximate value for their Israeli assets, particularly real estate. This enables clients to accurately assess the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing their inheritance rights in Israel.

4. Labor Disputes


During the 20 years of working for foreign commercial clients and representing them while performing projects in Israel, our firm has accumulated substantial know-how in the representation of branches and subsidiaries of foreign companies in Israeli labor law disputes. The field of labor law is crucial, as claims made by Israeli or foreign employees can significantly reduce or even eliminate a project's profit.

Due to our affiliation with the accountancy firm Auren Israel, we will be able to correctly read and interpret the salary accounting of your company and use it correctly in your favor.

5. Legal Opinions in Court


Our lawyers hold law degrees in multiple jurisdictions, which enables us to provide expert evidence on Israeli law in foreign courts, and on German, Austrian, Swiss, and Liechtenstein law in Israeli courts, for Israeli banks as well as real estate and tax authorities. Notably, our expertise in German and Liechtenstein law has been highly regarded by Israeli courts. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only law firm in Israel capable of providing legal opinions on Liechtenstein law.

6. Debt Collection and Insolvency in Israel

Debt collection in Israel can be a significant obstacle for foreign clients. However, a warning letter from an Israeli lawyer and short negotiations with the Israeli debtor can often provide an immediate and cost-effective solution. Debt collection services in Israel are typically relevant for debts of at least €5,000 or more, as amounts below this level are usually not cost-effective to pursue.

If necessary, we can pursue the debtor through legal or debt collection proceedings. If a warning letter does not result in payment, we can also represent our foreign clients in the insolvency proceedings of the Israeli debtor.

Israeli debtors tend to rely on the geographical distance between them in Israel and their creditor abroad. Therefore, a “last reminder” letter from an Israeli attorney is often enough to trigger payment even or in particular for relatively small debts.

Labor Disputes
Legal Opinions in Court
Debt Collection and Insolvency in Israel
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