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Work Visas, German Passport, Citizenship

We are here for you when it comes to immigration law. We will help you to bring in your foreign specialists to perform your project in Israel, we will advice you on citizenship matters and stand by our Jewish clients who wish to materialize their right to German citizenship due to their family history.

1. Work Visas for Foreign Specialists

Whether you send your employees to Israel for training or long-term to supervise a construction project: Foreigners or Expats who wish to work in Israel, need a work permit (B1) to do so. In most cases, the employee will need such permit before entering Israel and starting to work. 


Our visa department under the guidance of Juli Goldenberg specializes in obtaining B1 visa for foreign experts and takes care of the entire application process for you. 

To the various possibilities when applying for a work visa, click here 


NOTE: Working without a work permit is a criminal offence, both for the employer and the employee and will be persecuted. For further information click here

2. German Passport


We are experts in the field of German citizenship law. People who were victims of the Nazi regime, as well as their descendants, can now apply for German citizenship. The reform of the Citizenship Law of August 2021 gives a large number of people in Israel the right to acquire German citizenship, even if the ancestors coming from Germany and Poland never had German citizenship. 


We will guide you from collecting the documents and proofs, to filing the application, to the awarding of the naturalization certificate. With the naturalization certificate you can apply for a German passport.


Of course, we are also happy to advise you in other cases related to citizenship law. We will submit applications for the determination of citizenship or advise you on the application for a retention permit. 


Please note that there is an increased volume of inquiries at the moment and therefore the entire application process at the authorities and the German Embassy is greatly slowed down.

Work Visas for Foreign Specialists
German Passport
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