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Project Assistance in Israel

Elmaliah law firm Project Assistance in Israel

In the past 15 years, our firm, together with the accountancy firm Auren Israel ( accumulated substantial experience in supporting foreign enterprises realizing projects in Israel, such as infrastructure and building projects as well as the assembly of technical facilities and the providing of advisory or other services.

Our firm provides foreign companies with a wide range of legal and tax advice due to our hands-on knowledge acquired from the work with uncountable foreign clients: We will see to the appropriate visa of your foreign specialists, can provide you with an Israeli fiscal representative for a branch or register your Israeli daughter entity. We will fight for your rights with the Israeli tax authorities, provide sound tax advice before your project starts and reliable bookkeeping during the project execution.

Legal Advice


Many of our foreign clients work with an Israeli partner. We represent companies in the negotiations of joint venture agreements and are often involved by both joint venture partners in the dealings with the Israeli client. We usually also support our clients in the filing of tender bids in the legally required forms.

At a later stage, we provide the client with a fiscal representative for a branch or register an Israeli daughter company, are in charge for the visa for foreign specialists, negotiate lease agreements for staff housing, open bank accounts and review the legal situation under the applicable double tax or social security treaty between Israel and your home state. Our firm has a labor law specialist who is specialized on questions of Israeli and international labor law.

Tax Advice and Accounting

Our firm is proud of its 15-years’ cooperation with our accountants, who have gained substantial hands-on-experience with respect to foreign companies and their tax and accountancy needs. They have vast knowledge of the double tax and social security treaties between Israel and your country and are usually aware of the relevant OECD practice. They will be able to provide your company with sound, exact tax advice. Should need arise, they will negotiate and, if necessary, fight your case in audits vis- à-vis the Israeli tax authorities.

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