• Juli Goldenberg

Quarantine-free Entry to Israel for German and Austrian Residents

We are pleased that since 16.08.2020 the air traffic has been reinstituted from and to Israel. Now, we have additional, very good news for persons travelling to Israel from Austria, Germany and other so-called “Green Countries” with low Corona infection rates.

Whereas, in the past, it was stated that only Israelis citizens (whether domiciled in Israel or abroad) would be allowed to enter Israel without quarantine from so called “Green Countries” the respective guidelines were now adjusted:

  • From now on, all foreign residents from so-called “Greed Countries” are allowed to enter Israel without staying in quarantine as long as they hold a special entry permit, which is based on the specific Visa status (for example the B 1 visa for foreign specialists, the High Tech visa, a student visa, etc.).

  • To date, the following states have been included in the list of “Green Countries” in addition to Germany and Austria:

Italy, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Finland, Austria, Germany, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Jordan, Georgia, New Zealand, Canada, Rwanda, Hong Kong, Cyprus and Greece.

  • Passengers travelling to Israel from a “Green Country” with a connection flight through a “Red Country” with high Corona infection rates, will not be requested to enter quarantine in Israel, as long as the passenger did not leave the airport in the “Red Country”.

  • Please be informed that every person entering Israel needs to fill in an online form 24h prior entering Israel or later:


  • All passengers wishing to leave Israel are required to fill out a departure report form during the 24 hours prior to their flight. In addition, passengers will also have to sign a health declaration.

  • Only flight ticket holders who did fill in the online form on the website of the Health Ministry will be allowed entry to the departures terminal.

For further information, the Health Ministry also launched a website gathering information and questions about flights from and to Israel:


The application process for all visa, whether B1 visa for foreign specialists, student visa, PhD visa, High-Tech-visa, spouse visa, etc. has NOT changed and is still required. In addition to all standard documents, a filled out Quarantine Declaration Form as well a letter from a governmental body evidencing the urgency of the person to enter Israel are requested.

In addition, experts holding a valid foreign specialist visa and wishing to leave Israel for holiday leave at home, should make sure to apply for a re-entry permit upfront so the Airport authorities will be aware of him or her coming back with a valid work permit.

All of the above is valid today, however, the directions change frequently and, what is valid today can be outdated tomorrow. In addition, authorities hold a wide range of discretion and may relate to questions individually, on a case to case basis.

Should you be lost in the administrative jungle, we are here to help.

Juli Goldenberg,

Head of Visa Department