Corona Update: Quarantine upon arrival from and to Israel

Dear Clients, please note the following new rules regarding Corona Virus quarantine upon arrival in/ from Israel.

The new rules may be subject to change, please consult with the official websites below.

Arrival in Israel:

From Germany: 14 d quarantine

From Austria: 14 d quarantine

From Switzerland: 14 d quarantine

Arrival from Israel:

To Germany: It depends on each state. In general, one has to quarantine 10 d upon arrival from Israel. As of the 5th day of quarantine, one can take a PCR-test and end the quarantine upon receipt of a negative result.

To Austria: 10 d quarantine and obligation to take a PCR-test within 48 h upon arrival. Upon receipt of a negative result, the quarantine ends.

To Switzerland: No quarantine


Please note: Israeli citizens, who do not have a European passport, too, are only granted entry to Austria, Germany, Switzerland with a special permit.

Foreigners who want to enter Israel, need a special permit to do so, too.

The said permits have to be organized before departure to the destination and must be presented upon arrival at the airport.

Travel Safe!

Website of respective authorities: