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International Tax Law

One of the central areas of practice of our firm is the field of international tax law, in which we have been co-operating with Ofir and Yaniv Angel of the Angel & Angel Group for the past 12 years. In an effort to provide competent tax advice to foreign clients, usually close co-operation with the colleagues of the local tax jurisdiction is imperative. Due to our long experience with foreign tax systems and the 9 languages written and spoken in our firm, we're always able to provide the best tax solutions.

Our tax partners, Ofir and Yaniv Angel, are both certified public accountants and the heads of a wide spread accountancy firm, which is providing tax reporting and accounting services to foreign clients on a daily basis. Foreign clients performing a project in Israel (whether after winning a tender or as the contractor of a private client) can find more information about our project assistance service here.

Due to our close alliance with an accountancy firm and our regular co-operation with foreign clients, we are well acquainted even with uncommon situations such as tax audits (in the field of corporate tax, private income tax or VAT), interstate mediation and arbitration proceedings in tax matters and tax litigation vis-à-vis Israeli courts.

As internationally active lawyers, we also advise private foreign clients on matters of inheritance and gift tax abroad. Due to the fact that Israel has neither an inheritance nor a gift tax, a sound co-operation with the tax advisors in your home jurisdiction may help to avoid or to minimize these taxes.

In the event of real estate transactions in Israel, various real estate taxes will become due. The Israeli system of taxes on the sale and purchase of real estate is quite complex and, before performing a transaction, it is worthwhile to undertake various examinations, search for historical documents in various archives and provide a sound and realistic assessment of the taxes to be paid.

Our firm regularly provides legal tax opinions to foreign clients, either to the hands of the client or his or her local tax advisor or to foreign courts as expert witnesses on questions of Israeli tax law.

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