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Foreign Citizenship

Citizenship Department

Our firm holds a vivid Citizenship Department helping our clients with the process of achieving German, Austrian or Swiss Citizenship in particular for descendants of nationals of the above States. According to estimates, hundreds of thousands of Jews in Israel and the United States are eligible to obtaining German or Austrian Citizenship.


Our Citizenship Department is proud of its excellent contacts to the relevant German, Austrian and Swiss authorities and our requests are filed directly in the relevant State. In the event that the client does not avail of the necessary documents, our Citizenship Department will perform a search of documents which is usually carried out directly in the relevant archives.


After we obtain the necessary documents, either from the client or after the search of documents, the Citizenship Department will arrange for appropriate translation and notarization of the documents and the request for citizenship will be filed directly to the relevant State authority, without the necessity to address the respective embassies in Israel, the US or elsewhere.


Our firm is proud of its Citizenship team which consists of specialists in their field who attend to clients rapidly, and provide them with thorough, friendly advice and guidelines with respect to the entire process and any question connected thereto.

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