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Commercial Litigation

Our firm is proud of its vivid and busy litigation department under the lead of Adv. Ron Ozery, one of Israel’s best litigators. The emphasis of the firm is clearly on commercial cross-border litigation, where our firm usually represents foreign clients against an Israeli counterpart. Therefore, the lawyers of our firm are very well acquainted with the particularities and difficulties of a foreign client facing a domestic adversary in Israeli courts.

Israeli civil procedure, to an important extent, follows the lines of the British system which had been implemented during the time of the British Mandate (1919-1948). However, on the principles of British civil procedure, new, Israeli laws have been planted so that today, Israeli courts apply an independent system of civil procedure. Some principles thereof may feel foreign and, at first sight illogical to continental European colleagues. Therefore, it is advisable to be aware of these particularities in advance. Therefore, we strongly recommend reading our explanations about Israeli civil procedure and arbitration in the Publications section.

The lawyers of our firm not only speak and write your domestic language but are well aware of the implications and costs of legal proceedings exceeding the borders of your home jurisdiction. Therefore, in the first phase of preparation, an emphasis is put to a realistic assessment of exposure and costs. Before entering legal proceedings, you will be well prepared with all necessary information which will facilitate your decisions as well as the preparation of evidence to fight your case.

In addition to our extensive experience in commercial litigation, our litigation partner, Adv. Ron Ozery, having worked as an engineer before becoming a lawyer, is able and interested in understanding the technical questions of your claim and will be able to explain such technicalities in a comprehensive way to the court, cross-examine technically versed witnesses and prepare your witnesses to their hearing in a professional and competent way.

Cross border litigation brings about certain questions, which normally do not cross the path of domestic law practitioners: We are fundamentally acquainted with questions of international serving of documents (including the reservations of European states and the US from the Haague Convention on the Service of Judicial and Extrajudicial Documents of 1965 and other international conventions ratified by Israel). Our lawyers live the rules of private international law and its applications to civil procedure and we are well acquainted with the rules of international enforcement of judgements: With us, you will not fight your case without being able to implement it in the state of its execution.

In addition to our litigation activity, our partners regularly provide legal opinions on Israeli law in foreign jurisdictions and are able to stand hearings as expert witnesses in your home jurisdiction. Thanks to our profound knowledge of various other legal systems, we will be able to support your litigations team in your own jurisdiction by answering questions on Israeli law in a way which will be understood and accepted by the courts and the adverse party.

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