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Elmaliah Law Firm Aliyah The birth right of all Jews to immigrate to Israel

ALIYAH, The birth right of all Jews to immigrate to Israel

All people around the world who are from Jewish descent have the full right to do Aliyah, to immigrate to Israel and obtain full citizenship with all rights such as voting and receiving the Israeli Passport.


In case one has a criminal record, the Immigration Ministry will conduct a “Danger-Test” to insure that the person who wants to do Aliyah, will not be a threat to the country or population


The documents required for the Aliyah to Israel procedure are both religious documents that verify that the applicant is Jewish or of Jewish descent, as well as civil documents that prove who the applicant is.


The Ministry of Interior is not asking for a specific document but gives the option of a range of documents to choose from which can proof that the applicant is of Jewish origin.


Religious Evidence


  1. Jewish Marriage Certificate (Ketuba)

  2. Bar Mitzva Certificate

  3. Membership in a synagogue in the originating country

  4. Proof of burial of parents or grandparents in a Jewish cemetery

  5. Membership in a Jewish organization

  6. Any other available proof that the parents/grandparents have Jewish roots


The clerk of the Ministry of Interior who will check the application will mostly also request a recommendation letter from the rabbi or a Jewish Organization.


Civil Evidence:


  1. Passport

  2. Birth certificate – In case the certificate is not in Hebrew or English, the birth certificate has to be translate into Hebrew and get certified

  3. A person who is married and has children needs to bring the marriage certificate as well the birth certificates of their spouse and children.

  4. “No criminal record certificate”




The requested documents need to be the originals. If not available, these documents need to be authenticated by an Apostille. This authentication process is just like a Notary Public, but on an international level. This authentication process is also carried out by the Israeli Embassy Consular Department in the country of origin of the applicant.

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